Runners Special offer 4 classes for €40*



Our special “Big Run” offer is available for entrants into the Cork city Marathon 6th June 2016  or East Cork Harbour Marathon 20th August 2016.

4 classes for €40*

* Including relay, 10k & half marathon, Proof of race entry required

“On a physical level, yoga restores balance and symmetry to the body, making it the perfect complement to running. Runners are often drawn to yoga to deal with specific issues, such as improving flexibility or helping with an injury. Yet many are shocked at the world it opens for them, specifically, the strengthening capacity and the use of muscles they never knew they had.” www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/the-benefits-and-effects-of-yoga-for-runners

2 comments on “Runners Special offer 4 classes for €40*”

  1. Hi Kate,
    I long to properly enjoy my body’s ability beyond the scope of my current dabbling in toning & vinyasa yoga. I was advised by my physio in april 2015 that with my hypermobilty she wouldnt encourage me to practise yoga. For a time I set the idea of practising yoga aside in favour of toning & cardio classes. I have dislocated my right shoulder 3 times so my focus shifted from just toning to strengthening the muscles of back, neck & shoulders and a bit of cycling. I really want to stick to keeping these areas strong but havent renewed my gym membership so – you guessed it – I am looking to find classes that will give me said opportunity to keep these muscle groups strong. Where are you based,,can i try a class? i am in cork city.

    1. HI Mary, Sorry for the delay with my reply. Hyper mobility is something I see regularly in class. Sometimes isolated to just 1 joint and sometimes in many areas. My opinion is yoga is for everyone and once done with awareness the benefits can be great. Obviously for someone with a great degree of hyper mobility then you have to be even more conscious of not collapsing into your flexibility, and learning where you are strong in each pose and most importantly how to develop that. We would be able to advise you at the studio. We have Bikram hot yoga class and soon Vinyasa class in our studio on the Tramore rd, Togher, Cork city. Best wishes,

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