Yoga for Teens. Jan 2020 NEW Taster CLASS



YOGA for Teens

Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they’re faced with every day.

Anna offers fun, interactive and dynamic yoga classes which adapt to the needs of teens.
These classes offer a space for teenagers to catch their breath & recharge in a safe environment.

Anna is passionate about yoga for teens. As a mother, educator and yoga for kids & teens instructor, she loves to see students enjoy a sense of fun, confidence and calm from her classes.

Starting with two taster classes suitable for age 13-18.

Fri 24th Jan at 6.30pm- 7.15pm & Sat 1st Feb at 11.30am-12.15 pm

Classes are €10* each booking essential as space is limited. Each class is 45min.

To sign up for this class please email [email protected] or book online here or

with our mindbody app get.mndbdy.ly/s1ud/8jMglPx4PD

*Discount available for siblings.

The instructor is Garda Vetted.


Recent research from the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics shows that teenagers can just as much as adults from the benefit of practising yoga.

At the end of their ten-week study, researchers found that school students who participated in the yoga offering during PE class scored better on psychological tests screening for anxiety, depression, and mood imbalances than the teens that did not. The teens who participated in yoga reported fewer negative emotions than those who didn’t participate in yoga during the ten week study. How amazing is that?

Top five benefits of yoga practice for teens below.

1. Physical

Yoga builds strength, increases flexibility, lengthens the muscles, increases coordination and balance, builds core stability, and can help students’ posture rebound from a day hunched over a desk (or a smartphone!).

2. Educational

Yoga can help teens mentally refocus on the task at hand. By practising living in the moment on the mat, teenagers can more fully concentrate on the present moment off the mat.

3. Emotional

By practicing present moment living on the mat, high school students will have a better sense of their emotions. Yoga will enable them to connect with their deeper layers and understand more fully what they are feeling. By developing a better understanding of their emotions, teens can then more appropriately process them. Emotional intelligence is a very powerful thing to learn at an early age.

4. Mental

Yoga’s mental benefits are fairly well documented teenagers who practice yoga show more positive moods, less anxiety and depression, and greatly enjoy yoga practice.

5. Social

Yoga means connection this is at the hear of each class. Connection to ourselves first and foremost and then connection to those around us. By understanding that each and every single person is one, perhaps teens will learn to accept one another more fully, no matter their clique, social interests or popularity ranking.

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