MyoFascial – Hips and Lower back – Shoulders and Neck . Workshops Feb 2020



Bikram Yoga Cork – Saturday, February 22, 2020

Myofascial release for the Hips & Lower back – 10am-12.30pm
Workshop: 2.5 Hrs – €45

Myofascial release for the Shoulders & Neck 14.00 -16.30
Workshop: 2.5 Hrs – €45 14.00-16.30
Booking essential. Click here to book or email [email protected]

Participants will continue to deepen their relationships to the deepen their relationship to their Lumbar Spine, Pelvic Girdle & Hip Joints in the first workshop from 110-12.30. The second workshop on that day (from 14.00-16.30) will address the Shoulder Girdle & Neck. The focus is to begin to develop a pain-free experience with their own bodies using simple techniques that can be applied at home or shared in a class environment.

Physical Therapist & Movement physiology teacher Joseph Devlin continues to develop this workshop designed at beginners and advanced movement practitioners, who have experienced injuries or pain in their neck and shoulders. The educational experiences he shares, teach participants the skills essential to identify tension areas in the body, release areas of holding of unuseful postural and movement patterns and restore the mind to a relaxed body.

Theme: Release, Rehabilitate & Relax

Self-release techniques: stretches and self-applied massage

Rehabilitation exercises: quality & endurance

Relaxation and integration techniques Rebound & Breath

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