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At the heart of what we do is Hot yoga 75 minute, 26 posture yoga. In addition, if you have a bit less time or like to mix it up a little, we offer a variety of different classes to suit all schedule and needs.
Hot Yoga Cork Teacher - Hasti Yavari

Kate McNamara

Owner / Teacher

Hi my name is Kate

I’m a teacher and studio owner at Hot Yoga Cork. I’ve been practising yoga since my early 20’s. Before opening the studio in 2011 I spent many years travelling and teaching. Enjoying various styles of Yoga and movement in lots of studios around the world. From calm to high energy, sweaty to non heated, I enjoy it all. 

As a person who isn’t naturally very flexible, the element of heat helps me melt tension and stress from my body and move more easily in my own skin.  I love how I feel after class, exhilarated, exhausted, more in balance. That's also why I love teaching, I see the same benefits in my students. The world is a busy place and sometimes we just need a little bit of help to disconnect from it and reconnect with ourselves. Wethers it's one class a day or a week of it.

Join Kate for class: Hot yoga, Hot Pilates & Warm Flow Yoga

Hot Yoga Cork Teacher - Rosie Lawlor

Rosie Lawlor


I’ve always said I’m a student first and a teacher secondly. I know I wouldn’t be able to teach as effectively if I did not practice the same classes  and personally I learned a long time ago the more continuous my practice the happier, more content  I feel.

I love to practice all the different varieties of classes at the studio. I like the way there is a lot of familiarity in the classes so that movements are continuously being refined and worked on but also there is plenty of variation throughout and that keeps it interesting for the mind and body.

This also keeps it very interesting for me as a teacher. My initial training was in hot yoga, I love the challenge of the hot room combined with the postures and the way it has taught me to quiet my mind. And since then, I’ve acquired vinyasa, yin, hatha flow and hot Pilates teaching certification Which allows more space for creativity as a teacher, some of the classes with music, and always lots of fun. 

And I genuinely like being at the studio, and That's because of all the different people that come through, who always work so hard and you see the best of them  and that  motivates me to do my best. 

Join Rosie for class: Hot yoga, Hot Pilates & Warm flow yoga. 
Hot Yoga Cork Teacher - Hasti Yavari

Lisa O'Sullivan


I’ll never forget the day I took my first Hot Yoga class here. Heart pounding, sweat dripping, and since that day I’ve been hooked. I love the intensity of the 26 & 2(Bikram yoga) and how it teaches you to be completely present in the moment with your breath. 
My practice has seen me through some challenging times and to me, the physical and mental health benefits of hot yoga make it the perfect practice.

I've been to lots of different studios around the world and I always find a sense of home and familiarity. With each class bringing a new challenge. I feel so lucky to be teaching in my home studio alongside the teachers and students that I began my journey with many years ago!
Join Lisa for class: 26&2 Hot Yoga 
Hot Yoga Cork Teacher - Hasti Yavari

Hasti Yavari


I'm Hasti, a certified yoga and wellness teacher based in Cork. I teach Vinyasa, Yin, Flow, Hot 26&2 Series, Hatha, YinYang, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Power Yoga and Functional Mobility. They sound different but in essence they are all the same practice. My goal with my teaching is to create a creative, grounding, challenging and yet safe and well-rounded experience that extends far beyond the mat. I teach from the heart and meet you where you are in your journey!
Besides yoga, I am an Optics and Imaging engineer and at the moment pursuing a doctorate degree in Medical Imaging field. A few things I love the most are balancing and movement, nature, trying and learning new things and spending quality time with loved ones. I hope to see you on the mat yogi!
Join Hasti for class: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa yoga & workshops from time to time at the studio.

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