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“I don’t want to go back to a life without Bikram Yoga”

BYC interview Kellie King one of our Bikram devotees to find out how her 30 days challenge has changed her life. Weight loss, tone, career decisions, sleeping like a baby its all in there… read on.

Give me a little back ground on you and your fitness routine before you started back to Bikram?

Im 29 and work as a beauty therapy teacher. I haven’t been doing as much exercise as I’d like to over the last few years. I go through phases of being good. I’m good in the summer when I’m off school and then September comes and my routine goes out the window. None of the  activities I’ve tried over the years have ever held my attention for long enough and none of them have made me feel remotely as good or given me the results Bikram yoga has done in such a short space of time.

What was your motivation to starting this challenge, and how many times a week did you decide to take class?

I felt so bloated and sluggish after Christmas that I made the decision to really work hard to feel comfortable and confident in my body again by the summer. By April I decided that enough was enough I needed to feel active again and I knew from previous experience Bikram could give me the results I craved. I decided I was going back and I was going to do a 30 day challenge to kick start my new fitness buzz. I made a  plan I asked my friend Viviana to come with me and we agreed  30 days as often as possible4-5 days minimum if we could and we signed up on April 24th 2014. I decided to take photos of my shape the day before I started & kept a photo diary every Friday for the month for motivation.

What were your goals?

To loose some fat and inches if possible, to de-bloat, tone my stomach arms and thighs in particular. Regain my flexibility & improve my joint range of motion especially my hips & spine.

Do you think you reached them?

Definitely, I lost about 7lbs and I’m noticing definition in my abdomen & thighs  and in my waistline, my hips have really loosened out.

In the first two weeks what were the biggest changes you saw?

I lost a lot of the excess fluid, I was clean eating and drinking loads of water and I noticed my muscle tone and strength really starting to develop especially in my thighs.

How has doing class so regularly effected your…

Sleep: I always sleep like a baby after I do a class, especially if I do an evening class, it really tires you out to the point you feel you’ve earned your rest

Mood: Feeling better in my body has had a knock on positive mental effect, I’m more enthusiastic and energetic and generally happier in myself

Fitness: This 30 day challenge I set myself has pushed me to want to achieve even better results than I originally thought possible. The stronger I see myself getting the stronger I want to become.. its addictive.

I’ve rejoined the gym now. But I wouldn’t like to choose one over the other I think they compliment each other so well. Yoga helps recovery after the gym, relieves any muscle pain and helps improve depth in all exercises. In June I decided to sign up to do a part time course in gym instruction personal training & nutrition which I may not have done had I not bitten the bullet.

Weight: To be honest the scales don’t bother me too much as long as I like what I see in the mirror and my clothes fit my body comfortably I’m happy. All my jeans fit way better since May.. Horrray!

Im 5ft 4 and my weight has fluctuated between 10st – 10st 11lbs  in the last year really..  Today I weighed myself and I’m 9st .12lbs.  I’m chuffed!

Posture: This is the first thing I noticed in my photo diary. I’m holding my shoulders  much straighter and standing taller . I’m sitting up straighter too as my core is starting to strengthen.

Diet: I’m definitely watching what I eat & drink way more.  The more I see results the more motivated I am to eliminate junk

What were the most unexpected changes you noticed in yourself?

Really it has given me a whole new outlook about fitness in general and the unlimited possibilities for my own level of fitness and body shape.  If I can see my body change that much in 30 days imagine what regular long-term practice and exercise will do. It’s exciting.

It has motivated me to pursue a new direction getting into fitness instructing & personal training, classes & nutrition.

Did anyone around you notice a difference?

Ya Vivi my 30 day challenge buddy really noticed the difference initially, even before I did. I would collect her in the mornings ready in my gear and she would say wow I can really see the change starting in your body. I sent my photo diary to a few close friends and family and they were shocked at the results in only 30 days and gave me really encouraging feedback.

Tell us one thing that you have taken from the experience that you will bring forward into the future?

Exercise is crucial for your health & wellbeing, and Bikram yoga is so effective at improving your muscles strength & endurance, joint mobility  & flexibility that it enables your body to do any other form of exercise to a better standard. You won’t understand how effective this is until you start practicing.

What a motivating read, very well done Kellie keep up the great work.

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