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Our classes are suitable for all levels. Please book through our BSport App click here for App Store, or Google Play or sign in on this webpage.

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Buy a class packs, monthly memberships or single class, then book your space in class. If the class is full pop your name on the waitlist to receive a message when a space becomes available.

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Drink at least 2 liters of water in advance of class. Bring a yoga mat, large towel and water for class. We open 20min before class starts.

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These classes can change how you feel from the inside out. Take your time and be consistent then you’ll see how amazing you feel.

Welcome to the home of HOT Yoga in Cork

We’re proud to bring you the best Hot yoga experience in Cork. Established in Cork since 2011 with a purpose built studio and teachers that are dedicated and passionate about we do. Join us for the hottest classes in Cork!

As we are in the middle of a pandemic we have put in place some safety measures for in studio classes. Please read below to find out all the detail for attending class at our studio. Thank you for your patience and support.

No experience needed for any of our classes, just book in advance via BSport the app is the best way to do this App Store or Google Play.

What We Offer

Our Classes

At the heart of what we do is Hot yoga 75 minute, 26 posture yoga. In addition, if you have a bit less time or like to mix it up a little, we offer a variety of different classes to suit all schedule and needs.

Hot Yoga 75 min

  • Suitable for: All levels from beginners to advanced
  • Perfect for: A full mind and body workout in the hot room, it’s our most-loved traditional hot yoga 75 class performed in a heated room. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.
Class Times

Hot Yoga 60 min

  • Suitable for: All levels
  • Perfect for: Those with a little less time – full and familiar hot yoga session but in a snappy 60 minutes.
Class Times

Hot Pilates 50 min

  • Suitable for: All levels
  • Perfect for: Those who want to build core strength and overall fitness in a heated room with lots of energy and music to keep you motivated. All levels welcome.
Class Times

Yin Yoga 60 min

  • Suitable for: All levels from beginners to advanced
  • Perfect for: A complimentary practice to your faster more rigorous class, calm and gentle class helps you unwind and destress.
Class Times

Vinyasa Flow 60 min

  • Suitable for: All levels from beginners to advanced (not recommended for severe ongoing back issues)
  • Perfect for: A wonderful combination of standing & floor postures to uplifting music helping you improve mobility, balance and breath. Suitable for beginners to experienced.
Class Times

Warm Hatha Flow Yoga 60min

  • Suitable for: All Levels. 
  • Starting slowly and gradually building the movement with steady momentum and breath. You will move through lower body (hips and legs), core work, balancing postures (concentration and coordination).  A great class to work on your stamina, strength and grace while flowing with your breath.
Class Times
Our Packages

Pick the Best Plan for You

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Important Information

Coming to class... Please read

We are committed to giving you the safest experience possible at HYC.
  1. New ventilation system and UV Air Disinfection Purifier installed, which destroys more than 99.99% of airborne viruses, Covid-19, Influenza, MRSA, etc
  2. The studio will open 20min before class and close 20min after class.
  3. Booking can be done via BSport app App Store, or Google Play
  4. Our cancelation policy is 8 hours before the class if you late cancel/no show  you will lose you class or have to pay €15 fee. Please understand that we are operating with a very limited capacity.
  5. Face-covering required at all times except while you are on your mat.
  6. Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms after class. The studio closes 20 minutes after the class ends.
  7. We have marked out mat spaces in the hot room adhering to 2-metre distancing.
  8. Breath through your nose throughout class
  9. Shower ONLY if  essential (going into work straight after).
  10. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms that you do not come into the studio. Also if you have been out of the country please do not come into the studio for 14 days and the same applies if you have been in close contact with someone with COVID.
  11. And THANK YOU for following our guidelines, we know this is an adjustment and we appreciate you and your support through this. Let’s keep HYC a safe place for us all to enjoy together long into the future.

What People Say


By far the BEST hot yoga studio we've ever been to! The facilities and studio itself is fab, but nothing compares to the teachers ~ the most welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly people you'll ever meet! They're quick to get to know you and make you feel like part of the yoga family. We were so lucky to get to practice here and we will be back again! Thank you Kate, Rosie and Lisa 🔥

Rachel Leigh 01/09/2022

I absolutely love this place. I tried it at 1st because I have had so many injuries from years of fitness training, weight lifting and kickboxing. I thought it might increase my balance and flexibility as well as working on all of my weaker areas due to historical injuries which it absolutely has. I've not stopped going for over 2 years and instead of it being something short term and supplementary to training it has become essential to my routine and my favourite workout. It helps me manage my weight and my mood. It has helped my breathing and calmness throughout the day. The instructors are all amazing and so friendly. It really is a lovely community of people from all walks of life and demographics. The recent renovations have improved the facilities even further and I could not recommend it highly enough. 👏

Tony McGrath 09/07/2022

Just the perfect place to be if you have fitness goals👍👍👍

cotsgal 08/12/2021

Birthday Candles excellent maybe a regular fixture going forward

Royzer K 24/11/2021

Great class great location

Mark Long 21/06/2021

Good vibes here..staff are fab and very professional. Cant wait for it to open agsin


Customer service is great and the classes are great

BMG DJ 29/02/2020
Rob Williams 23/02/2020

Thanks to all the wonderful women at Bikram Yoga Cork. It was a pleasure being part of this studio. You made me feel welcome all the time, the quality of the teaching is high and you take your time to support everyone to reach their own potential. Thank you!


I love the girls and the classes - very personable. You are constantly learning and improving. Nothing is too easy, or too difficult. I thoroughly look forward to hot pilates each Tuesday!

Ty Bender 04/12/2019

Absolutely wonderful place! I hadn’t done yoga for about 15 years before I started bikram, but I started at this studio a couple weeks ago and go a few times a week now. Torturous at the beginning but I feel brilliant after every session now! The instructors are amazing (big shout out to Rosie!), very kind and really take the time to make sure everyone gets the most out of each session. It’s a spectacular workout that I would recommend to everyone!


All teachers are super cool and inspirational and it is such a great atmosphere to be around. Everyone is patient and answers any questions which may come up. After a bulging disk and two years of pain Bikram Yoga fixed my back a hundert percent. Unfortunately I had another back injury after three years of real strength and I have only met professionalism around this and loads of understanding. I can only leave praise and thanks.

Son Son 13/11/2019

Great place for hot yoga!


Super Class Super Teachers Super experience every time


Muy buena sesión de hot inferno pilates!!! Muchas gracias por tu hospitalidad Kate, un placer haberte conocido. Saludos Laura y Fernando.

Fer Cova 17/09/2019

Too exhausted (in a good way) for a clever review. They don't cut corners with the temperature. One of the busiest studios in Ireland.

Dave Brown 12/09/2019

Its a fantastic facility with a dedicated team who are extremely welcoming, positive and helpful, couldn't be happier with my experience at bikram yoga cork.

conor moore 19/08/2019

Highly trained and friendly staff. Great facilities, spacious room and cold shower availability. Wide range of class packages to suit all commitment levels.

mark landers 18/08/2019

The studio has plenty of parking and is easy to access. The facilities are very clean and the instructor's are excellent. There's a great range of classes to avail of.


A great workout for the mind and body - the staff are very welcoming and the instructors are brilliant and engaging. Highly recommend!

Gar Clarke 06/08/2019

Great warm flow class with Danni! Challenging yet relaxing class. Great showers and friendly community

Hannah G 26/07/2019

Wonderful place , excellent staff , couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Lola P 12/07/2019
carol o'shea 10/07/2019

Bikram Yoga Cork has fantastic and knowledgeable staff, a great range of classes at different hours and great facilities. I would thoroughly recommend BYC :)

Leah Aftab 08/07/2019
Bryan Downey 19/06/2019
Fiona Barry 09/06/2019
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Friday 14th Oct 7:30-9pm.  Link in the Bio or call 021-4809009 to book your space in this back bending workshop. “Our spine is very much designed to bend backwards, join me to learn how to develop your backbend with strength and integrity“ @yogahast
On #WorldMentalHealthDay,
remember that your needs matter above your productivity or success at home, school or work. We all have a mind and we all need to mind our mind ❤️ Be generous, be gentle, be kind to each other. #worldmentalhealthday
✨ This is our happy place✨

Most of our regulars will be able to tell you that the main benefits of the hot room aren’t the physical ones (although there are many) but also the sense of calm and peace you find within yourself once you step onto your mat. 

It is a time to let go of everything else outside of the room and go inward to your quiet, happy place... 

#corkyoga #hotyogastudio #bikramyogacork #hotyogacork #happyplace #yogapractice
We all know this time of year can be busy (schools are back, summer is over 😥) and it’s hard not to get swept away and forget about making time for yourself.  Even if it’s just a few minutes to stretch, breathe or make yourself a cup of Barry’s tea. Let this be your reminder to take a time out and do something for you! Everything else will wait 😉 🧘‍♀️ 

#corkyoga #hotyogastudio #hotyogacork #metime #breathe #selfcare #selflove
What makes you feel more alive or calm, more connected to yourself or more at ease?  Do more of that stuff!  #hotyogacork #bikramyogacork #yogacork #corkyoga #yoga #fitnesscork.
Final Savasana….. 🧘‍♂️ 

The final moment of your class when the hard work is done and your are left with nothing but pure accomplishment and satisfaction. Heart pounding in your chest, meditating on the sound of your breath - there really is no better feeling! 

We hope to see you on the mat this week… book in via the Glofox app!

Have a lovely week Yogis! 🙏
Sometimes we overlook the small things, deem them not important as we set our focus on the big things! But the small things are what make the big things possible. Make your bed, drink water, move your body, pack a healthy lunch. All of these things are small but have an enormous impact on how our days go. Get the small things in order and the big things feel way easier to achieve. Happy Wednesday 😊  #hotyogacork #yogacork #motivation #smallthings #bikramyogacork
And the WINNERS are….. 
Last week we held a social media giveaway. 4 lucky names were picked at random, they’ll receive 2 free classes each for our non heated Yin and Vinyasa classes. 
@michellehmua  @mar_ria_mc @gracemaccarthy & @jennykeane7  Well done……..You have all won yourselves 2 classes each. DM us your email address and we’ll send you the detail. Happy Days ☀️❤️🧘
P.s keep your 👀 open for more giveaways coming in September 🤞
Come to yoga for free!

We’ve got a giveaway for you!! 4 people will win 2 free classes each for our non heated Yin & vinyasa yoga classes. Simply tag you friend to be in with a chance to win.  Hurry giveaway closes Wednesday 19th Aug! *Classes used before Sept 30th, classes suitable for all levels.  #yinyoga #hotyogacork #bikramyogacork #vinyasayoga
💫Warm Hatha Flow💫

Have you tried our new warm Hatha flow class yet?

Hatha yoga is a gentle approach to Vinyasa and is designed to align and calm your mind and body. It focuses on continuous movements from one pose to the next, allowing you to create smooth and continuous movements. Your Hatha flow practice will help you open up your body and connect your bodies movements in a natural and calming way.

This class is ideal for beginners and intermediates so download the Glofox app and book your spot for Warm Hatha Flow on Thursdays at 5pm! See you on the mat 🙏
We all know the work part (and maybe even over do it a little) but let’s not forget the rest & play part.  August Bank holiday Monday..it’s a day of rest and play for us. Lets enjoy the Summer, enjoy the long days, the sun shine and the rain. 
#hotyogacork #bikramyogacork #yogacork #corkcity #corkireland #corkfitness #rest&play
Birthday Girl alert!!! ⚠️ It seems like all the best people are born in July ❤️ This beautiful woman has been a part of BYC for many years now..starting  from being a member of the studio to front desk to growing into a wonderful teacher who shares her love for hot yoga with us. We love you Lisa ❤️you are an amazingly strong, kind  and kick ass human. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 🎈🎂🍓🎉🤸‍♂️ #hotyogacork #bikramyogacork #birthdaygirl #yogacork
Why Hot Yoga? 

There are so many reasons why we love practicing in the heat, not only for the physical benefits but also how our practice improves our life outside of the hot room 🧘‍♀️ 

Some of the reasons why you should practice hot yoga today: 

🔥Improves strength & flexibility - as we all know, stretching after warming up is much safer. Practicing in the heat allows you to stretch deeper and achieve further range of motion 

🔥Stress buster - there is nothing like sweating out a stressful day on the mat! A regular hot yoga practice will help reduce anxiety and improve emotional health 

🔥Sweat! You will sweat - a lot. This improves circulation, bringing oxygen & nutrient rich blood to the skin cells. Thank us for your glowing skin later 😉

🔥Injury recovery - a huge benefit to hot yoga is that it helps reduce the pain of injuries. The tourniquet effect blocks off blood supply to an area. Upon release from the posture, fresh oxygenated blood flows, healing old injuries and scar tissue 

So.. what are you waiting for? Book your spot and see you on the mat! 

#corkyoga #hotyogastudio #hotyogacork #fitness #corkcity #corksport
We are here for you! 

Most often, it’s not the workout that gets us out of bed in the morning but the friendships and camaraderie here at the studio. We always have a space for you and we are counting on you to show up for yourself! 

Tag your workout buddy that motivates you, even on days when you don’t feel like it! 💪 🧘‍♀️ 

#workoutbuddy #yoga #corkyoga #hotyogastudio #hotyogacork #motivation #fitness
Rest day is part of the plan.

We hope you have a great Sunday. ❤️❤️❤️ #corkireland #yogacork #corkyiga #bikramyogacork #hotyogacork
We love the Summer! Longer days, sunshine (sometimes), holidays, meeting friends & family it’s all good. BUT.. it can feel hectic, kids off school, more things to juggle and plan.  Take the time for yourself, one class can help you restore the balance you need. Time away from all the busyness…time to breathe ❤️ 
#corkyoga #yogacork #bikramyogacork #hotyogacork #fitnesscork
🚦Potential road closures 🚦

For anybody coming to class this weekend, please be aware there may be road closures on the Tramore Road due to the gigs in Musgrave Park so plan your journey in advance, would be an awful shame to be late for class!! 🙂 See you on the mat 🚗 💪 🧘‍♀️ 

#yoga #hotpilates #hotyogacork #corkireland #yogaireland #yogacommunity
Happy Wednesday 🙃

Turn that frown upside down and join us for hot yoga tonight, spaces still available at 5pm and 7.45pm 🔥

#headstand #hotyoga #cork #corkireland #yoga #yogaireland #yogacommunity

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